True Decodables – Unit 5 – Tricky Y & More!

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True Decodables – Unit 5 – Tricky Y & More!


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Did you know that a book isn’t actually decodable until you have taught students the skills needed to decode the words?

My goal in creating this resource was to give your students books and passages that are truly decodable. In order to do this, I ONLY used words that either aligned with the phonics skill being taught, or are high frequency words that are taught with the phonics skills in my scope and sequence.

For example, in the Tricky Y books, the only words used are Tricky Y words with skills that have been taught previously and the high frequency words included in my scope and sequence (and in Units 1-4). You will not see words like house because kids have not learned OU yet. (Words with an asterisk are words included in my high frequency words scope & sequence or words that should be mapped before reading. In this unit, there are several words that are not high frequency words or words that are part of a typical scope and sequence. These words are also indicated on the word list with an asterisk.)

I also made sure the sentences are not written in a predictable pattern and the pictures do not indicate what is written to prevent students from using pictures to guess words.

Unit 5 includes Tricky Y, Complex Vowel Teams AW, AU, and OO, Diphthongs OW, OU, OI, and OY, and the Schwa.

Products included in this resource:

11 word lists

11 Activity Pages

6 Reading Passages with Comprehension Questions

8 Decodable Readers

I hope you enjoy this resource! If you do, please let me know by providing feedback! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.


Thank you!



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