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High Frequency Word by Sound – THE BUNDLE


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This bundle includes 220+ words sorted by phonics skill.  Please read the full description below to see what is included!

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This will download as a ZIP file and is a digital product only!

This bundle contains over 220+ high frequency words. These are all words that I used to teach through memorization, however, research shows there is a better way. Matching sounds to symbols (or phonemes to graphemes) promotes orthographic mapping and it typically takes just 1-4 repetitions before a word is permanently stored!

I have sorted 220+ words by phonics skill so that you can teach these words at the same time you are teaching your phonics unit. Each word is mapped out for you so all you have to do is show the slides!

I’ve included a rationale and explanation of how I sorted the words and also included notes on the slides to explain rules & heart words.

This bundle includes the following products (click to preview):

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