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Word Mapping Center – SILENT E


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I created this no prep center as an easy way for your students/child to work on phoneme grapheme mapping. I wanted to make it easy for you to work on these skills but also provide some independence for your students/child!

Did you know that it can take between 5-500 repetitions to memorize a word? And research shows that our brains do not store words visually! When you match sounds to symbols (aka letters/graphemes) you are promoting a process in the child’s brain called orthographic mapping. Research shows this is how our brains store words. Not to mention, it usually only takes between 1-4 repetitions of mapping a word before that word is permanently stored in what is called our orthographic lexicon!

This set includes words with silent E. Some of the words may also contain beginning blends. It includes 8 pages for mapping with 10 pictures on each page.

You can grab the GROWING BUNDLE on TpT! The full bundle will be available here once completed.



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