I Spy Printables Phonological Awareness (CVC Words) – NO PREP!

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I Spy Printables Phonological Awareness (CVC Words) – NO PREP!


I spy games are perfect for practicing a variety of skills! See below for a full description!

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This is a digital download.  After purchasing, the link to download will pop up and be emailed to you. 

This set includes

-6 black and white pictures

-3 color pictures

CVC Words Included:

bag, bat, cab, cap, can, hat, cat, fan, ham, jam, map, mat, rat, bed, gem, beg, hen, jet, net, pen, pet, red, ten, vet, web, bib, dip, kit, lip, pig, pin, six, sit, tin, box, fox, jog, log, mop, pop, pot, top, bus, cup, mug, cut, rug, run, sun, tub

Color Copies also include sad, mad, van, jam, red, fin, pot, cub, mud, hut

Options for Use:

Whole Group

  • Print & distribute a coloring page to each student. Students will color in each item as you call out the directions.
  • Display color copy for the whole class. Call out directions and call on a student to come up & find correct answer.


  • Place color copies in page protectors. Have students work in pairs. One student is the caller and the other searches for the answer.
  • Place black and white copies in page protectors and students use expo markers to find answers.

Small Group

  • For intervention on foundational skills, use the same as you would whole group to reinforce skills in small groups.


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