Phonemic Awareness Mystery Words

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Phonemic Awareness Mystery Words


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Dear Parents & Teachers,

I made these as a fun way to practice identifying beginning, ending, and middle sounds (phoneme isolation), and blending & segmenting CVC words.

Beginning Sounds

Students should look at each picture and identify the beginning sound.  They should write the letter that represents that sound on the line.  Once they have found all 3 beginning sounds, they will notice they have spelled a word!  They can then say each sound and blend those sounds to solve the mystery word!

This one activity focuses on several very important foundational skills.  Phoneme isolation, phoneme blending, and phoneme segmenting.  These are beginning phonemic awareness activities.  Phonemic awareness is the KEY to reading success!

This set includes black & white and color copies plus answer keys.  There are 9 different sheets including all vowels and 4 sheets of mixed vowel CVC words.

This set includes a focus on beginning sounds & CVC words only!

Check back for more sets coming soon!


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