Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Simplified!

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Phonological & Phonemic Awareness Simplified!


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If you are new to Phonological & Phonemic Awareness, start here! This is a digital download.  See below for full details!

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Did you know that learning to read starts with our ears? Phonological Awareness is a key skill for reading success. If you are like me, you may have never heard about these skills or known their importance. I have learned so much since I have found the Science of Reading and that is why I created this resource.
This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD that includes 27 pages of easy to understand instructions and explanations. There are sample word lists for each skill. I have linked videos and resources that will help you along the way and I have also included printable cue cards to practice these skills on the go!
I created this with both parents and teachers in mind. David Kilpatrick says that “Reading problems can be prevented if all students are trained in letter-sound skills & phonological awareness in Kindergarten.” Since this resource includes the entire progression of phonological skills, it is helpful for various grades & ability levels.
Many times if a child is a struggling reader, it is due to poor phonemic awareness. Therefore, these skills can (and should) be practiced with any child lacking in this area.
*This resource is not a curriculum. It is not made for those already familiar with these skills or teaching from a phonemic awareness curriculum. It is a digital download that will be available to you after your purchase is confirmed.


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