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True Decodable Sentences – SAMPLE


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I’ve created this resource to align with my HIGH FREQUENCY WORD by SOUND units.

This is a sample of the short A pages. Please note that passages & books are only decodable if the skill has been taught. After explicitly teaching the phonics skills and words, you can use these pages to reinforce decoding skills.

Each skill includes a word list, point & read page, roll & read page, and passage page. The skills build on one another so you will see short A words included with short o words as these are words kids would have learned already so they should be decodable.


The beginning passages and sentences are not content rich. They are meant to include decodable words only and prevent kids having to memorize any words just to read a passage. The passages will increase in content as skills are acquired.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

Thank you!



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